Trackwell Fleet suitable for all types of vehicles. Fleet owners in all sectors are using Trackwell Fleet to increase utilization and reduce operating costs of vehicles. Pricing is based on the number of vehicles in the fleet, the fleet can be an affordable solution for both color fleet that big.

All customers see real time vehicle location on a map with information about the speed and position of vehicle policy. Maintenance system and all general reports are part of the standard solution clients with the implementation can take advantage of.

Quality is vital

One company which uses Trackwell Fleet to manage their vehicle fleet is MS Iceland Dairies. We visited their headquarters at Bitruháls and met Distribution Manager Halldór Ingi Steinsson. Most Icelanders know MS Iceland Dairies well. The company operates five...

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Thank you for your participation

Deat Floti user, thank you so much to those who participated in our survey during the month of June. We learned a great deal from all of you, and we are excited to use this information to better serve your interests and make Floti a better time and attendance...

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