One company which uses Trackwell Fleet to manage their vehicle fleet is MS Iceland Dairies. We visited their headquarters at Bitruháls and met Distribution Manager Halldór Ingi Steinsson. Most Icelanders know MS Iceland Dairies well. The company operates five production centres: in Reykjavík, Búðardalur, Akureyri, Egilsstaðir and Selfoss.

Why did you start looking for a fleet management system?
“We needed a better overview. Our chain of operation is one which can never be broken. Quality is vital, and to meet greater demand, we needed to implement a fleet management system. It is essential to have a precise overview of all our vehicles at any given time – accuracy matters.”

What has been your experience of Trackwell Fleet?
“Our experience has been very good. The system has made a real difference to our general overview. The interface and overall procedure are both good. It is easy to focus in on specific vehicles. This is very important when vehicles are in difficult locations, particularly in wintertime. Vehicles send a signal to the Trackwell Fleet system every few seconds, and we can view the system’s webcams – this means that we can react immediately if something occurs. Location accuracy is very important to us.”

How do you use the system?
“I use the real-time map and history most. Recently, we have also begun to make greater use of the maintenance monitoring function. This is a large workplace with a good number of vehicles – it is helpful to keep a record of what maintenance is coming up and what has already been done. With this function, all information is available in one place.”

What has changed since you began using Trackwell Fleet?
“First and foremost, our overview of vehicle dispatch, transport between dairies and milk collection. We know where our vehicles are and when we can expect them back. Our staff do not always have telephone coverage, and we need to have an overview. Our operations depend to a large extent on speed and on everything running smoothly. It is good to be able to use the system and gain an immediate overview of the situation. Efficiency and visibility have both improved, with minimal hold-ups and good operation speed.”


A final word?
“This is a chain operation – from collecting milk from farms to getting the finished product to the shops. This chain can never be broken, and we can now see everything in real time. If we detect that something is not quite right, we can trace things back and find where the problem lies. All this data is stored, and we can view the situation wherever and whenever. It quite simply works – I must commend Trackwell on their good interface. The interface is positive and problems can be resolved if they arise. There has never been any problem.”


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