One of the companys using Floti fleet management system is Kerfi. We meet with Sigurður R. Guðmundsson, Managing Director af Kerfi and asked about his experience with Floti.
Kerfi is a family-run company that strives to provide its customers with high-quality personalised services and watches developments closely in order to maintain its competitiveness in the market. Kerfi offers water and coffee machines for rent and services these machines.

Why did you start looking for a fleet management system?
We receive many phone calls and enquiries for services that require a swift response. Our employees are on the move throughout the day to service our customers, but sometimes service is required immediately. Previously, I might have had to make many phone calls to see whether any of my people were close by and could respond, but now I have an overview of the situation. This saves us a lot of time, and we can now reply quickly and efficiently to our customers.
We looked at several systems, including foreign systems, before choosing Floti.

Why did you choose Floti?
We looked at a few foreign systems before hearing from Guðjón at Floti to see what advantages Floti had over the traditional foreign types. The price was the deciding factor for us. I did not find this to be expensive, especially for us, as we wanted to have a service agreement.

How do you use the system?
We mostly use the real-time system. We organise the day and the trips, which provides a certain restraint and gives us a better overview by enabling us to know what the status is at any time.

What has changed since you began using Floti?
We now have a better overview of our distribution system, and all processing is quicker. It is of the utmost importance to be able to respond swiftly and efficiently if something comes up. If that happens, we need to know the status of our people. The fact is that when a company has a malfunctioning coffee machine, people want it to be fixed as quickly as possible. We are aware of the importance of good coffee, so it is nice to be able to respond quickly and even tell someone who is on the move to add a destination. The coffee machine must be in order. Sometimes people say, “what, are you here already?”. That’s always nice to hear. There is a shorter response time and better service.

What’s most important?
Being able to respond swiftly is most important by far. You see exactly what the situation is, you can begin a process if necessary and you can answer enquiries and service requests swiftly and efficiently. This also provides restraint. We know that the trips are recorded and everything is transparent. Everyone here is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

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