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Fleet is suitable for all types of vehicles. Fleet owners in all sectors are using Fleet to increase utilization and reduce operating costs of vehicles. Pricing is based on the number of vehicles in the fleet, the fleet can be an affordable solution for both color fleet that big.

All customers see real time vehicle location on a map with information about the speed and position of vehicle policy. Maintenance system and all general reports are part of the standard solution clients with the implementation can take advantage of.


We examine several systems, most of them Icelandic. We chose this system because the interface was uncomplicated, and access to Trackwell employees was excellent and the service exceptional. It just works.

Reykavík city

It was first and foremost intended to increase monitoring and management. We must have an overview of the location of our vehicles and what projects our drivers are involved with at any time. In the event of any abnormal stop, it is easy to check it and respond thereto. Everyone must attend to their tasks here; we are very busy and everything must work like clockwork.


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